HVOF: JP8000 System


To satisfy the needs of high-performance coating, We imported JP8000, which is one of the most sophisticated equipments, from USA Praxair. With over 60 years of coating experience, Praxair applies hardware, materials and technical expertise to HVOF products that produce the industry’s most advanced coating solutions.

Advantages of coating:

●Unparalleled ultimate hardness and ensity.

●Control over coating density and hardness

●Low residual stress and thickness capability up to 12.7mm  

●High interface bond strength up to 90 M Pa (Test tape invalid before coating)

●Smooth as-sprayed finish

HVAF: AK-08 System


To perfect supersonic spray technology, our company imported AK-08 equipment from USA Kermetico. It is the best one in air gun equipments, which eliminates the defects of JP8000. Have JP8000 and AK08, which is our another advantage.

Advantages of coating:

●Improve toughness

●Improve corrosion resistance 

●Improve tensile strength

●Improve stability

●Improve fatigue resistance.

Oxy-acetylene flamea spray


This process is basically the spraying of molten material onto a surface to provide a coating. Material in powder form is melted in a flame (oxy-acetylene) to form a fine spray. When the spray contacts the prepared surface of a substrate material, the fine molten droplets rapidly solidify forming a coating which has unparalleled ultimate density and high interface bond strength.

Our company imported advanced industrial flame spray coating system from Japanese Coaken Techno, which has novel design , stable flame, hard to be tempered, good sealing, free rotation and can absorb powder easiy. It is very easy to spray all  surface at  any angle.


Left: Coaken Techno-PJ.85 (From Japan)

Right: CastoDyn-DS-8000 (From Switzerland)

Advantages of coating:

●High density and low porosity

●High interface bond strength and Metallurgical bonding 

●High hardness up to HCR 65

●Nickel or cobalt-based self-fluxing alloy can be applied for 600 degrees, wear resistance, corro-sion resistance, shock resistance.

Plasma Spray


The Plasma Spray Process is basically the spraying of molten or heat softened material onto a surface to provide a coating. Material in the form of powder is injected into a very high temperature plasma flame, where it is rapidly heated and accelerated to a high velocity. The hot material impacts on the substrate surface and rapidly cools forming a coating.

Advantages of coating:

●High density and zero porosity.

●High bonding strength and metallurgical bonding

●lower dilution rate

●Faster melt duplicate rate and structure with high density.

Laser Cladding


It uses a concentrated laser beam as the heat source and  melts the substrate that the feed stock is being applied to. This results in a metallurgical bond that has superior bond strength over thermal spray. 

Laser cladding is a new technology and a revolution for surfacing overlay .The one who masters laser cladding  can have the  future of  surfacing overlay.

Advantages of coating:

●Low heat input(substrate deformation/residual stress/heat effected zone,all can be decreased,suitable for processing large parts)  

●Quick cooling rate(finer and more uniform crystal tructure,better performance after molten,such)